White Widow (Carla Patullo), is a songstress and composer for the screen. She has been developing a reputation for her musical ambition, sonic soundscapes, stirring emotional content and sheer originality. Her roots began on the NYC punk rock scene, taking off from the legendary CBGBs. Along with touring internationally, White Widow has shared the stage with LIZA MINNELLI, RUFUS WAINWRIGHT, and served as musical director for Sandra Bernhard on her "I Love Being Me, Don't You" and Texas tours.

She actively writes music for the screen. Some of her credits include the films SPA NIGHT, LETTER TO ANITA,  and CHEESE DOG: THE MOVIE.  Many of White Widow's songs have appeared on national TV shows.



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Lotte Reiniger was an inventor and innovator in early cinema.  Her unique style of storytelling and visual contrast inspired many, including contemporary filmmakers Henry Selick, and Anthony Lucas. Her 1926 film, Prince Achmed (the same story was much later popularized by Disney with the film Aladdin), was the first ever feature-length animated film! She also invented the multi-plane camera allowing her to create a sense of depth in her films, which was a major contribution to the field of animation. Reiniger was certainly a pioneer in her field, but this is sadly often overlooked.